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Woooooot!! Grats guys!
Now we just gotta do that every day pressure :D
It was a team effort, I couldn't done it with out Min and Rox's insane DPS, a very good coercer and two kick-butt healers :D
doing dominion was the funnest time ive had in awhile. necro rocked and we all kicked ass
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Game News
Guild News

Moving Guild Website to

netharius, Apr 16, 14 8:44 AM.
Important: Please Read!
On April 23, 2014, <Condemned> will be moving host providers from to ( This is being done to provide a better user experience for <Condemned> members. Some of the benefits include:
  • A cleaner, more user-friendly interface
  • Better browser support
  • More site features
  • Easier event planning and sign up
  • More detailed character features
  • Better customer service and support

What to expect:
On April 23, we will officially close the This will include:
  • Locking all forum threads to prevent new content from being generated on the old site
  • Account signup requests will no long be accepted
  • News will be replaced with a "We Have Moved" message, providing a link to our new site and urging members to sign up there
Please direct any questions or concerns to Necronomicat

Dominion - DOWN!

netharius, Apr 6, 14 6:21 PM.
Temple of Veeshan: Vulak'Aerr's Dominion. The Holy Grail of ToV Heroic zones. The most challenging, the most rewarding. The only place one can obtain the Potent chest and leg pieces. One by one, Vulak's captains fell, until finally, we reached his champion, Ahrmatal the Scorcher!

After an epic struggle, we passed through the flames and WON!

The heros of the day were:
  • Minian
  • Roxxess
  • Dimonicus
But we could not have done it without our friends from <Oldschool>:
  • Zahlynda the Templar
  • Tupp the Mystic
  • Rozey the Coercer

Here's to many more victories to come!

Congrats Ladon and Roxxess!

netharius, Apr 2, 14 2:19 AM.
Please join me in congratulating Ladon and Roxxess on their new Heritage Quest rewards!

Next on deck, Minian, Iksars, Kunst, Draxxia and Necronomicat!

New Heritage Quests

netharius, Mar 30, 14 5:54 PM.
We're currently working on the new Heritage Quests!

Just finished one last night. It was nice upgrade for me, and I really appreciate the efforts of everyone who helped! Special thanks to Ladon, Roxxess, Iksars, Minian, Madde, Crashendo, Oneder as our friends in Oldschool, Belynda, Guideaux/Jeau, Kaytos,  Rhongway and anyone else I may have missed (I've slept since then :) ).

Here's What I ended up with:

Zlandicar's Tortured Heart

...and here's what it looks like ^_^:

Now let's get some nice rewards for everyone else!

Guild Website Revamped!

netharius, Mar 24, 14 8:49 AM.
Hi guys,

Pardon our progress while we get our guild website revamped. We're still playing around with the theme and layout, but the content is pretty well set. I hope you all enjoy the changes!
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